Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Place Finish

After one of the worst work weeks of the year, I knew that I needed to have some fun this weekend. The weekend started off with the first group of new student orientation on Saturday morning and welcoming the Class of 2015 to campus....really, 2015????? When I got done, I watched the NCAA Track Championships, which was actually exciting, and the College Baseball World Series. Later, Keelin and I made a trip to the Old Orchard Mall and after two hours of walking around waiting for Keelin to try on jeans, I decided to go see Hangover 2 so she could have more shopping time. After watching the movie, which was as terrible as I had heard and expected, I leave the theater to find Keelin with NO JEANS....after FOUR hours of shopping.

Today was much more exciting as Keelin and I made the trip to Melrose Park, IL to use a groupon that I had purchased for Grand Prix go-cart racing. This was the most fun thing I have done since I moved to Chicago. These go-carts have the ability to get up to 40 mph, and although I was slow and hitting many walls, I had a blast. The guys that were on the track racing with me destroyed any confidence I may have had when they were finishing individual laps 7 seconds ahead of me, but I gained a small amount of confidence back after the second race when Keelin told me that they all are professional racers, including one who races stock cars and two that race motorcycles. The only time I race at my work is when I am trying to get the last piece of chicken pizza, so I was happy. I had no idea how strenuous racing can be on your body but I have a feeling that I am going to have a hard time moving tomorrow. Between the ab workout from trying to control the car and the whiplash from slamming into the wall five times, I am probably going to be hurting. That being said, I can't wait until they come out with another Groupon so that I can do it again...because that was great.

I am hoping for a better work week this week but just in case it doesn't get better, I will find ways to have fun, including a trip to Wrigley Field on Tuesday with friends and Wednesday with my dad (my first time sitting in the bleachers), and celebrating my 1st anniversary for the weekend (boat cruise on lake michigan, six flags trip, and next week we leave for D.C.). I hope everyone is doing well and I apologize this wasn't as funny as the last :)

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