Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wait, do you hear those little voices?

Since you are visiting this site, you are probably already aware that I am a bit of a butthead....at times, even an asshole. My humor is a bit dry (to say the least) and I like to make people laugh, usually at the expense of others. One of my favorites was when I made Keelin's mom believe that if she touched the windows in my car she could make them go up and down, claiming that this was the "newest technology". I explained to Marcia that if you touch the top half of the window it will know you want it to go up, and if you touch the bottom half of the window it will automatically roll down. As I watched Marcia from the rear-view mirror in the front seat and controlled the window based on where I saw her touching the window, she gazed in amazement for 10 minutes, playing with this "new technology". Everyone laughed....and everyone that was present continues to laugh even now. Yes, this was one of the funniest, until last night.

Last night I laid in bed with my headphones on listening to the radio before sleeping. Keelin turns over to me and in a very concerned voice, says, "Chad, do you hear little voices". I couldn't help myself. For the next 15 minutes I worked to convince Keelin that she was imagining the voices. Finally, Keelin laid her head on my chest to try and get away from the "little voices". This is when I got the idea that it would be funny to only turn the radio on when she was laying on me....as soon as she would hear the radio (which she now realized was not just "little voices") she would lift her head off of my chest and the radio would stop. Keelin immediately thought that my implanted defibrillator was picking up radio signals and that she was controlling the signal based on where she was laying. lol. Head on my chest and you get Rhianna...head up and you get silence. This continued for another 10 minutes before I couldnt' breathe.

It's the simple things....Probably one of my favorite moments so far.

Have a great day everyone!

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