Sunday, June 5, 2011


Summer time is here. Even though summer has just gotten here, Keelin and I have been busy already. We have had 3 different sets of guests in the last four weeks. Corey Peach and Jess Ross came to visit, a trip which included a Cubs game, many great meals, and a special trip to the beach that ended with the engagement of Corey and Jess. Since then, both Keelin and I have been asked to stand up for them at their wedding in November and we couldn't be more excited about that trip back to Rock Falls.

Our next guests were Nick and Dani Kiminski, who came up last week. During their visit here we spent a great deal of time at the beach and the park, a trip to Six Flags (and Portillos), and even grilled out a few times. While grilling out we even discovered that grilled pizza rolls are delicious and nobody can judge me until they come to Chicago and try it out. We had a blast! A few minutes ago, Lamar Shingles left after his visit for the weekend. Lamar and I went to the driving range and the batting cages, and ate out a LOT! Many delicious meals and good conversation but all good things come to an end and Lamar has made his way back to Minnesota. 

It has already been such a great time seeing everyone and I can't wait for the month ahead. By the end of June, Keelin and I will have (hopefully) gotten to spend some time with both of our families, I will have gone to some more Cubs games, taken a five day trip to Washington D.C., and celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

I can't believe we have already been married for one year. We leave for D.C. on June 21st and this will be our first trip together since the wedding. Keelin has been so busy with school and work so we haven't spent much time together just relaxing. We will get to stay with a college friend, and one of my former residents from when I was an RA, Jessica Ferguson, for a couple of days and then will be staying a hotel for a couple of days.

I hope to use this to update how everything is going and to fill you in on my (our) life. Hope everyone is well and remember, Hotel Henderson (hyphen Yenney) is always taking reservations for your next trip to Chicago.

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